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Intercultural learning for

European citizenship


A guide for all higher education staff in 

European Universities and Colleges


The guide is directed at all higher education staff who have responsibilities for designing, delivering and assessing the curriculum in all academic disciplines and professions, in all countries in Europe.  It should help staff develop intercultural competences in undergraduates in all disciplines.


As part of the Bologna Process, to create a European Higher Education Area, a 2003 study (Tuning Educational Structures in Europe, ed Gonzalez and Wagnaar) explored what lecturers, students and employers expected graduates from European universities to be able to do.  What were the competences that should be expected of a graduate?


There was a high degree of agreement between the three groups, between people from different countries, and between different disciplines.  One of the areas of agreement was the very low priority attached to students having -

   the ability to work in an international context

   an appreciation of diversity and multiculturality

   an understanding of cultures and customs of other countries.


Our guide will help University and College staff to plan and develop these key competences in all their undergraduate courses. 

We offer concrete guidance and support, drawn from studies across a wide range of disciplines.


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